Our Promise


Mission Statement!

Our mission is to open the hearts of the humans through the Sacred cacao so that we may be turned towards the self love that inspires a reconnection, healing and balance with the planet.

Core Values!

Everything that we do has a conscious love for the planet as obvious, as the essence of our presence here rather than a nuisance or distraction to life on the planet.

Money helps us carry out our goals. Money is not the goal.

Give 100%.

Speak our truth. 

Be generous. 

We are guided by quality over cost.

Imbue our food with love. 

Don't be shy.

Use the voice of the earth as our answers.


Play nice. 

Give more.

Shine our light.

Do our best.

Make the planet better.

Communicate authentically.

Share in love and joy. 

Make the journey to self love shorter.